Original Air Guitar by Amp

The Rock Gods Have Spoken

The Rock Gods predicted a time would come when the electric guitar would be a lost art in the music industry.

They have waited long enough, and now, in 2018, have sent us a gift, a symbol, a reminder of what Rock and Roll used to be.

Born in Cleveland * The Home of Rock and Roll, the Rock Gods have sent us “The Original AIR Guitar”.

This gift from the Gods purpose is to bring more awareness to the greatest sound in the world.

Shine a light on the past string masters, and hopefully, inspire future generations to play the guitar.

Get ready to resurrect Rock and Roll!

Symmetrical AIR Design

Perfectly balanced on both sides and designed with universal strap peg locations, allowing easy use for both left and right handed strumming. Real electric guitar dimensions, a completely clear, light weight body, make “The Original AIR Guitar” the first, and only one of its kind.  (35 L x 12 W x 2 H)  (2 .lbs) 

The “Strum Zone”

We have eliminated the strings at the base of the guitar, creating a smooth universal groove for friction free strumming. The no strings area is the essence of playing true “AIR”. This unique, one of a kind feature, has been coined the exclusive “Strum Zone”.

Free Strap!

Bold white lettering woven into a soft black nylon, the strap is adjustable, durable and comfortable. A $10 value, yours absolutely FREE!

Play It or Display It!

“The Original AIR Guitar” can be enjoyed anywhere! From back yard barbecues to wedding receptions, photographs to videos, people just feel good when they have it in their hands. It also looks amazing on display, on the wall or under a spotlight. The completely clear body allows any light changes to alter its appearance! Great eye candy for a rockin’ décor! It just looks cool…

Original Air Guitar with Amp Stack


The Original Air Guitar


“The Original AIR Guitar” is a perfect display piece for a man cave. A great gift for a true Rock and Roll fan. This awesome novelty item “screams” Cleveland memorabilia! Rock and Roll should never die! We want to see you rock with your Original AIR Guitar, use the #ShowMeYourAirGuitar on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Product Dimensions: 35″ L x 2″ H x 12″ W

Weight: 2 lbs.

Soft nylon strap included FREE!

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Weight 0.997903 lbs
Dimensions 88.9 × 30.48 × 5.08 in

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